Our Story


Dodokido is a small but growing family business in the beautiful Netherlands.

We've started Dodokido to help children discover new things about them and about the world around them.

Whether it's playing with something new or having a meaningful conversation, we strongly believe in the curiosity of human nature.

There are some toys out there that help us make sense of the real life at an early age. 

For the toys we're selling, we look at our little son. He's very curious and he tries all kinds of new things every day. 

Dodokido is committed to offering unique natural toys and products for children and families that are safe, healthy, and encourage imaginative play. 

Our quality toys are not disposable. They are built to last; the kind of toys that can be passed on or handed down to future generations.

In our shop you'll find mainly wooden toys and most of our toys are made in Europe. Legler is our main supplier. Legler toys and games have been popular with children all over Europe for more than twenty years and have helped them play, learn and grow.

All of our toys are certified to be ethically and sustainable made. They have been tested to meet the strictest safety standards.

Each toy from our shop is carefully selected so they can to bring together fun and learning.

All of them are an invitation to play. 

Play with your children. Play together, laugh and be happy.


"Play is our brain's favourite way of learning." - Diane Ackerman